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5 Road Safety Tips to Know Before a Self-Drive Trip in QLD

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Safety on the road is vital for every driver. Before embarking on any journey, ensure that your vehicle is safe not only for yourself but also for passengers on board. It is imperative to plan adequately for the travel and get ample rest. Below are five tips to consider before a self-drive trip in QLD.

1. Checking Your Vehicle

Regular car maintenance ought to be observed by drivers to keep the car in a perfect condition. Well maintained cars are less prone to accidents. Before driving in Queensland, make sure to check the following basics:

Windscreens should be working in case the weather changes
The light should be in good condition; reverse headlights, brake and indicators
Tires ought to be in good condition to avoid deflations that may result in accidents while on Queensland road trip.
Have towing contacts in case unlawful driving behaviours resort in an accident
The fluid levels should be checked too. Check the oil, water, coolant and brake fluids among others.
Check the battery and ensure you have enough fuel while driving in Queensland.

2. Pack Your Vehicle for Country and Outback Driving

For Queensland’s road trip, you may find yourself in remote regions. In a road trip, the only person to rely on is you. In that case, it is important you pack your car with the basic essentials:

Water. You might find yourself in areas that are extremely; therefore, carry at least 20 litres of water.
First aid kit in case of minor accidents
Phone for communication purposes,
An extra tire
A map in case you lose direction

3. Plan for on the Road

Unlawful driving behaviours might lead to lowering of demerit points. To avoid recklessness on the road, it is crucial to plan. With adequate planning, road safety QLD will be enhanced. How can you plan for trip? Here are some tips while on the road:

Be observant of any potholes which might be obstructive
Be cautious while driving
Watch for wild animals crossing the road or on the roadside as they may cause confusion.
Ensure you use your headlight in poorly visible areas.

4. Towing a Caravan

Using a caravan to view Queensland is such a great experience. While towing a caravan, make it a must to check the following:

Both number plates are registered and clearly visible to other road users
Your vehicle, caravan and trailer are registered and roadworthy
The size of your vehicle should be able to tow a caravan without strains
Fasten tow fittings and safety chains.

In addition to observing the above towing tips, there is need to comprehend the safety and legal requirements for caravan drivers in Queensland.

5. Taking breaks

Road trips can be tedious if you drive continuously without breaks. While on a road trip, take breaks every two hours and observe the following:

Take time to rest. Ample resting will enable you to hit back on the road more alert.
Refreshments. Avoid alcoholic drinks if you will be on the road in a short while after the break. You can also check in a hotel to refresh and take a short nap before resuming the trip.
Check the car. During the breaks, assess if the car is still in good condition and refuel.
Explore. During the breaks, you can explore the surroundings, which will make your trip more interesting.

Observe the above five tips and enjoy your ride in Queensland and don’t fail to pimp your car for class and elegance, which will make the trip more fun. A cool ride equals an awesome trip!

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